FOSSBRIDGE Presentation at the 24c3 – Video and Slideshow

The presentation on FOSSBRIDGE EU-Vietnam went well. There was a lot of interest and questions from the audience. It is great to receive such a positive feedback. The video with the talk is available here: I also uploaded the Video with the presentation at Google Video: The slides are here. FOSS Bridge Presentation […]

FOSSBRIDGE at the 24c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin

The 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24c3) starts tomorrow in the Berliner Congress Center at the Alexanderplatz. I  will have a lightning talk on the FOSSBRIDGE under the somewhat controversial title “Towards a ‘free (software) world’ – Experiences of FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam”. I will be speaking on Sunday 30th December between 17:15–19:30 in Room#3. Please join […]

Promising joint collaboration plans after first face-to-face meetings in Hanoi

The first face-to-face meetings of FOSS companies from Europe and Vietnam have passed over a month ago. We have received some very promising proposals of joint collaboration projects and another article on “Open Source schlägt Brücke zwischen Europa und Vietnam – Bei einem ersten Kontaktanbahnungstreffen der staatlich geförderten Initiative “FOSSBRIDGE” haben vietnamesische und europäische […]

Interview with FOSSBRIDGE project manager Balthas Seibold in Telemedicus

An interview with Balthas was published in Telemedicus a few days ago, where he also explains the idea behind the FOSS Bridge project. In the talk he especially stresses the importance of joint collaboration rather than passive development aid. Konkret geht es darum, kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in den Ländern aufzubauen. Zum Beispiel machen wir […]

Slides of FOSSBRIDGE Meetings online

Slides of the last FOSS Bridge events are now available hosted Slideshare and tagged with fossbridge2007. The most popular fossbridge2007 slide with over 1000 views currently is provided by Yerbabuena Software from Spain.

Over 40 IT-companies cross FOSSBRIDGE between Europe and Vietnam

A total of 42 agreements of cooperation were reached between Vietnamese and European business partners at the end of the first matchmaking event of the project “FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam” for small and medium-sized IT enterprises in Hanoi, Vietnam. The one-week event attracted over 40 IT companies from Vietnam and Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, […]

The goal behind FOSS Bridge – Boosting Cooperation through Free and Open Source Software FOSS

The main goal of FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” – Joint Business through Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)” is to strengthen Southeast Asian software industries and to boost co-operation with Europe through innovative collaboration on FOSS and business development. Building the FOSS Bridge between Europe and Vietnam What FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” offers: to European and Vietnamese […]